Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Day 11 – New Orleans – San Antonio – 543 miles

Hey guys,

Left a freezing cold, but beautiful New Orleans in the earlier part of the morning. Once the city was behind us we drove mostly over bridges that lead the way over the swamps and bayous surrounding New Orleans. Mostly on this trip all the way into Texas the scenery altered between swamps, swamps with trees and flat, open farm & ranch land – no hills to be seen. Crossing the Mississippi over a very cool bridge was impressive. We saw lots of industry and huge container ships. Driving into Houston we saw a lot refineries, especially south towards the ocean. It was actually a nice change of scenery to be driving through a major city. After Houston it was back into the boonies.
We stopped for lunch in Columbus, TX, at the ‘most famous’ barbeque place of the south – Jerry Mikeska’s. We had brisket, chicken, sausages & a sandwich, all Texas bbq style. The décor of the place itself was rather interesting – there was a trophy of almost all hunt able animals displayed in some form – nailed to wall or standing up, from your backyard squirrel to small ice bears including a Texas long horn. Jerry though actually really seems to have been famous, he walked the restaurant’s floor in a suit and bow tie – quite the stand out – and apparently has catered a Capitol Hill luncheon back in his days.
Arriving in San Antonio, light rain greeted us. Checked into the Emily Morgan Hotel, explored the Alamo across from it and then set out to the river walk. Although the rain continued it was still very pretty. We ended the day over margaritas, virgin pina coladas and food at a fun Mexican restaurant.

Day 11 pics.

Mississippi River

                                                               New Orleans Bayou

Welcome to Texas

Downtown Houston

The only Longhorn we saw

At the Alamo

                                                          River Walk in San Antonio

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