Sunday, December 19, 2010

Day 2 - Albuquerque to Dallas 680 Miles

Hi everybody,
today was a "relaxing day", nice drive from Albuquerque, NM to Dallas, TX. We left at 7 AM this morning after a nice breakfast towards the border of Texas via I 70.  There was not much going on after we left Albuquerque behind. It got very flat after 2 hours and stayed this way for a very long time. In Amarillo we took the HWY 287 towards Wichita Falls and then Dallas.
All farm land with a lot of cows and some oil towers. The drive on the 287 was actually very interesting because every time we got into a town the highway changed to a regular street and we had to drive to "down town" until we got to the end and then it became a highway again. Some of this towns had only 150 to 300 people living there and they didn't look nice - sort of depressing.
After 8 1/2 hours we arrived in Dallas and traffic was crazy - checked in to the hotel and we will get some dinner. Tomorrow morning I have a business metting with the Dallas Jewish Community Center and after we are on the way to Memphis (Elvis......).
Our map from today
Good morning Albuquerque
Down town Albuquerque
Snow leaving Albuquerque


cleaning the car
Welcome to Texas
Truck after truck

Population 338
A Texan sunset.
Good night!
Today was a short day but tomorow its off to Elvisville Memphis TN!!

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