Monday, December 20, 2010

Day 3 Dallas to Memphis TN - 460 Miles

Hey everybody,
today was also another relaxing day. Now we have most of the distance behind us.After the meeting with the JCC this morning we drove to down town Dallas visited the JFK Memorial and then started driving towards Memphis on I 30 East. It is 200 miles from Dallas to the border of Arkansas - and it is actually a very nice drive through  Texas with big horse farms  with very nice "farm houses" on both sides of the highway. The drive on I 30 through Arkansas was kind of uneventful - a lot of forest  and a small town every 30 - 40 miles until we got to Little Rock. After driving to more or less through forest for more than 150 miles we got to Little Rock.  Surprisingly nice place - downtown with high rise buildings, big river running through the city surrounded by hills.
After Little Rock we had another 100 miles left to get to Memphis  - since it was the shortest day of the year it was already dark before we got the Memphis - after checking into the hotel we went to a Barbecue place, recommended by the guy I had the meeting this morning.  It was excellent - barbecue ribs and pork. We are going to spend the morning visiting down town and see the original Sun Records Studio and if we have time left visiting Graceland. More about this tomorrow.
Today's map
Down town Dallas
JFK memorial
Finally some sleep!
Horse ranch.
Welcome to Arkansas!!
Down town Little Rock.
Welcome to Tennessee!(Even though you can't read it)
Dinner at Corky's Ribs and Bar B Que.


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  1. Hey Peter!! Don't fall asleep at the wheel!!

    Hey Nick!! Glad you know how to drive now!!