Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Day 12 – San Antonio, TX – Tucson, AZ – 868 miles

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We started out early, as today was the longest leg of the trip. We continued on the 10 West, just like the days before. The countryside west of San Antonio was ranch and farmland and pleasantly hilly. After a while the landscape turned from hilly farmland to dry, high desert scenery. Not much going on for most of the ride at first, no big towns, just small clusters of buildings and gas stations. As we approached the border to Mexico, especially getting close to El Paso, we noticed lots of border control action. Driving through El Paso we could see into Mexico simply by looking south into Juarez, quite interesting. Once into New Mexico we saw quite a lot of dairy farms along the 10.
The landscape stayed desert like all the way to Tucson.  For the last hour or so, of our roughly 12 hour trip, rain was pretty constant. Tucson was really rainy and rather chilly with 43 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Day 12 pics

                                                                    Leaving San Antonio

Lots of big trains

El Paso

Finally in New Mexico

Transitioning between sunny and raining


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